(Formerly Acoustic Neuroma Info Sources)


The following data are presented with the hope that they will be of someuse to patients with recently diagnosed acoustic neuromas. No effort has been made to determine either the accuracy of the information or the quality of service offered. I am not a medically trained person and make no recommendations based on this information.

Inclusion on this list does not imply a recommendation nor does non-inclusion imply the opposite.

In general this list is based on e-mails directly from recovering patients. I will furnish you with their e-mail addresses upon request. Because of my desire to disseminate as much information as possible this list is being expanded to include AN doctors and hospitals that have come to my attention from sources other than patient e-mails. Such names will be preceded by a .

 No person has used any special influence to be included hereon. E-mails from patients will be reviewed and the information possibly added later.

You should consult with medical professionals and patients who have undergone treatment before making any decisions.

(End disclaimer.)

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Among the many things that you should consider are these:

  1. How many ANs has the doctor/facility done in the past year?
  2. Does the hospital use surgical techniques, radiation techniques, or both, and will your doctor freely evaluate both options as well as "watchful waiting"?
  3. In the case of microsurgery does the surgical team include one member to specifically monitor the facial nerve? Not essential but desirable.
  4. What is the average time for surgery or radiation and what is the average hospital stay? There are, however, many factors that affect the time it will take.
  5. How many doctors at the facility have, in the past year, done a sizable number of the surgeries or radiation procedures? Will your doctor be one of them?
  6. The Sites Listed Below Will Provide Additional Helpful Information.